Registration For All Sessions

Girls:  All girls registering for camp must be registered Scouts. Only one camper per form will be accepted. Girls attending multiple sessions must complete a separate registration form for each session. We cannot accept group registrations from a troop. You can list a couple of friends you would like to be in the same unit on the registration form. We do our best to accommodate these requests. The number of girls accepted depends on the number of adult volunteers. Each session has a different deadline for acceptance. Please see individual session pages for registration deadlines. Registrations received after the deadline are not guaranteed acceptance.

Registration Packet- Forms Required

Girl Registration

Disciplinary Form

Girl Health History

High Risk Activity Permission

Current copy of immunization record*.Must not expire before the end of camp.

Forms vary slightly for each session, so make sure you print the correct forms for the session you want.

For the safety and well being of ALL individuals (adults and minors) in camp, we are unable to accept campers who are not immunized against childhood diseases for any reason. This does not apply for Covid-19 vaccinations.

ALL forms and payment must be included in registration. 

Registrations received without payment (or promissory note for cookie dollars/ camp credits) will be returned. 

Registration must be sent to the volunteer registrar listed for the session you want.


Unit Leaders: Staff training will be held at Camp Shawano. A staff volunteer’s first child attends day camp for free provided the volunteer works the entire session. Each additional child of the volunteer pays a reduced fee. See individual session pages for more information on staff children costs. We cannot have camp without a staff. Please complete a Staff Registration form and Adult Health History and join us this summer.

Pixies/Boys (there must be at least 2 Pixie age children or 2 boys to form either of these units):  Sessions have special units for boys and younger children of staff. They will enjoy the same program as regular campers according to their ages. The Pixie unit is for girls and boys, ages 2-5. The boys unit is for boys, ages 6-11.Please fill out a girl registration form (and all other forms) for each Pixie & Boy .

Senior/Ambassador Program Aides: Seniors and Ambassador Scouts may earn hours toward Senior Leadership Award by serving as an assistant unit leader. Girls must have completed 9th grade and submit all the required forms. NO FEE. Girls must attend staff training in order to be eligible to work day camp.

Cadette Program Aides: Cadette Scouts can earn hours toward the Cadette Leadership Award. Girls must have completed 7th grade and submit all the required forms. NO FEE. Girls must attend staff training in order to be eligible to work day 


Checks: Checks must be included with registration forms.

Cookie Dollars: 2022 Cookie Dollars should be mailed with registration. 2023 Cookie dollars can be mailed separate from registration, but you must include a signed promissory note with registration forms.  Current year cookie dollars must be received by May 30, 2023.

Camp Credits:  Girls may also use camp credits earned from cookie sales. If you have not received camp credits when you register, you must include a signed promissory note with registration forms. Camp Credits must be received by May 30.

Camperships: Camperships may be available for girls needing assistance. Requests for camperships should be turned in with the registration and you will be notified if assistance is available.

Refunds: Refunds are made only if illness is certified by a doctor.

Registrar: See individual session pages for the registration information for that session. 

Confirmation will be sent by email at the close of registration. 

We are not responsible for mail not received.